Cloud Dreams- Polwarth/CVM/Ingeo/Firestar

Cloud Dreams- Polwarth/CVM/Ingeo/Firestar

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3oz of soft earth tone yellow-orange tones with hints of blues, greens, reds, and purples. These soft batts are like soft clouds that faeries dance on while you sleep. Polwarth, CVM/Romeldale, ingeo, and firestar.

All products are produced in a smoke-free, dog friendly home.

Dyed with Greener Shades dyes and food grade citric acid. Metal free dyes except turquoise which contains trace amounts of cobalt.

Please note there may be color variation between monitors, all listings are exact on my screen.

There may be some color run off due to water differences.

Always hand wash in tepid water and lay flat to dry.

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