Anna's Hummingbird Batts - CVM, Corriedale, 23micron Merino, Firestar, Ingeo

Anna's Hummingbird Batts - CVM, Corriedale, 23micron Merino, Firestar, Ingeo

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4oz of Anna's Hummingbird Batts (1-4 batts depending on weight) is made up of hand washed CVM (California Variegated Mutant/ Romeldale) fleece, milled CVM, Ingeo (corn silk), and firestar (nylon sparkle), dyed Corriedale, and dyed 23micron Merino. These batts are made up of medium course fibers so this may not be next to skin fine for all individuals. These may contain lanolin, dirt, vegetable matter, and nepps due to the nature of the blended fiber sources. These batts were created based off of the monthly dyers challenge hosed by Exquisite Yarn and Fiber Community, this month I was assigned Anna's Hummingbird it contains a magenta color for the head, yellow, lime green, blue, hints of purple, and natural colored cvm. The sparkle is clear so it absorbs the flow of colors throughout the batt as you spin or felt, thus allowing all the colors to pop and no muting the range of colors. The sample spin is photographed so you have an idea how these batts spin up.

All products are produced in a smoke-free, dog friendly home.

Please note there may be color variation between monitors, all listings are exact on my screen.

There may be some color run off due to water differences.

Always hand wash in tepid water and lay flat to dry.

If you would would like more than is on hand please message me for a custom order. This guarantees colors are from the same dye batch, I do my best to match the colors between batches but there may be some variance.